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Bakers Pride Gas 4 Pie Pizza Oven


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Sharing is caring!

Bakers Pride DS-805 4 PIe Pizza Oven has been tested and is in excellent working condition. There are 2 available and will be double stacked.

For a cooler outer temperature and consistent interior temperature, this pizza deck oven features a fully insulated, heavy gauge, type 403 stainless steel exterior and a high-heat resistant, 16-gauge aluminized steel interior with a hearth stone deck. Its spring-balanced doors are also fully insulated with easy-to-grip tubular steel handles.

Each single deck pizza oven features a 300-650 degree Fahrenheit thermostat with independent, operator-controlled top and bottom heat controls.

The Bakers Pride DS-805 Super Deck GS/DS Series gas deck oven is designed with a combination gas control that incorporates a manual gas valve, pilot safety and pressure regulator. Its easily removable, slide-out, heavy-duty flame diverters distribute the burner flame uniformly in the burner chamber.

Overall: 65 1/4″W x 43″D x 54 3/4″H
Deck Size: 48″W x 36″D


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